Anonymous said:

Can we please have sex.


Anonymous said:

I know neither of us are sentimental people but by god the way your smile reaches your eyes and the way you make my heart miss a beat with one single touch, god knew what he was doing when he made you.

fuck, you’re adorable.. ily 

groms-that-surf said:

haha i know! its been so long. seen as i remembered you hate talking to people online, you would rather talk to them in person :) xx

hahaha shusshhh

Anonymous said:

you're the type of guy I'd stay up all night with doing or talking about whatever, just to be in your presence

Need the company these days, I love those late night talks! just talking to someone makes me happy,I couldn’t really careless what it’s about.

groms-that-surf said:

i can cheer you up :) no need to be down mr blowtime xx

Aw, thankkkss. 

Haven’t spoken to you in ages!

Message me guys! - feelin dowwwn

One of the secret doors of the Stift Admont library, Austria.

my life is one big “wow ok”

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